The purpose of this space is to present the books, products, and projects that have been written and created by Michelle Marie Angel for the purpose of awakened awareness. Get on board with the New Paradigm through consciousness transformation. To assist you in becoming empowered through Spirit-Soul-Self Realization, here you will find rich sources that will meet your current needs.

Become empowered now by realizing the truth of your Divinity and express your fullest potential.  Visit the Message Page to read messages and get uplifted NOW!

Please consider attending The Alchemy of Light Project EVENT SERIES to receive high vibes and great support for your own personal transformation. See current schedule of events below:

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Follow Your Heart

Inspiration Education

The Alchemy of Light PROJECT

Consciousness Transformation & Educational Pilot Program EVENT SERIES

FALL 2018

Schedule of Events

Event #1       Hear Your Soul Call                     Sat.  Sept. 15   12:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Event #2      Power of Group Consciousness       Sat. Oct. 20  12:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Event #3    True Self: Awakened Awareness      Sat. Nov. 17  12:00 – 4:00 p.m.


What is the Alchemy of Light Project?

The Alchemy of Light Project is the commitment of one person to make a difference in the world.  It is the example being set by a retired teacher to follow one’s heart, to live in integrity, and learn to love unconditionally to create a world of peace, harmony, and love. The Alchemy of Light Project is a solution-based action toward higher holistic education.  This new education is designed to inspire the genius creativity in all generations of humanity.  It’s about Life Energy and its mastery.  It is based on the principle – with proof to follow! – that every single one of us has genius capability.  This program inspires souls to reach their highest potential.

Our natural vibration is LOVE!

Michelle Marie Angel is the designer of the architecture of this new holistic education endeavor.  She is the author of the book: “It’s A New World After All: Poetry and Prose to Inspire A New World Vision”.  Her goals include completing the following:

  • Publish 56 literary titles
  • Produce 6 FOLLOW YOUR HEART Inspiration Education Programs
  • Produce 12 Events (12 titles that will be repeated)
  • Produce 12 Videos (based on the event topics)


You will find the books and other literary products on this website.  In addition, here are the Follow Your Heart INSPIRATION EDUCATION Program titles, as well as the Event & Video titles.


6 Programs

  1. What Makes You Happy?

  2. How to Live Consciously from the Inside Out

  3. Dreamwriting in the Spirit of Gratitude

  4. Live Love

  5. Rock My World LEADERSHIP

  6. Synergized Group Consciousness WORLD CHANGERS

 12 Event & Video Titles

1 Spirit Connection: Hear Your Soul Call

2 APPLYING the Quantum Physics of Group Consciousness

3 True Self Realization:  Sharing Stories for Awakened Awareness

4 Passion, Power, & Purpose

5  The Rock of Spiritual Perception

6 Choice, Communication & Cooperation: The Trend of Unity

7 Energy Mastery & Personal Authority:  Singularity and Sovereignty

8 The Inner Alchemist

9 Reciprocity: The Law of Love and Life

10 The Integrity Model of Consciousness

11 Vision Lifting & The Creator Perspective

12 Life Mastery: The Attuned Intentional Life

EVENTS are offered on a rotating basis. 

THREE  each SPRING, and THREE each FALL.

Downloadable information documents:  DONOR KIT   PROGRAM INFORMATION

If you have any questions, email Michelle: michelle@smile4love.com

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The Evolution of Consciousness – Awakened Awareness


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Transformation Education

Foundational Philosophy

At SMILE we give people their power back. We begin with self-actualization. We call this the “Maslow Upside Down” philosophy. Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” goes in this order: (1) physiological needs—air, water, food, shelter, (2) safety and security—bodily safety, security of employment and resources, (3) love and belonging—the need to give and receive love, appreciation, friendship, (4) self-esteem—confidence, achievement, self-respect, and respect of others, and (5) self actualization—experience purpose, find meaning in life, realize inner potentials, morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem-solving, lack of prejudice, direct perception of truth.

Self-actualization comes first. Realize your True Self, abilities, and power to propel your life energy towards success on every level of being and experience. Once one is self-actualized, all other needs come to us naturally: self-esteem from high integrity, creative solutions, and self-realized moral principles; love and belonging occur naturally through the giving of love which is our essential nature and giving of self and gifts through our unique expression; safety and security are accessed through the use of the soul’s power of unity consciousness and creativity; and physiological needs are manifested through the power of consciousness and God’s grace when one is self-realized and actualized.

Through transformational education that inspires true self discovery, each and every one can discover their true genius, their inherent self worth, their purpose in life that gives life meaning, the realization of their inner potentials, inspired creativity, and high integrity.

SMILE is dedicated to assisting receptive souls in achieving Self Realization and Activation. Our books, products, and programs make seemingly complex ideas and processes simple and applicable with reliable results. We wish all many blessings on life’s sacred journey.

Open Your Heart to Love

As you read the messages of truth and love contained in these books and products and on this website, take note of how you are feeling.  Realize how much your soul needs to be fed the Truth.  After all, Truth is soul food.  Absorb the energy and let go of any life challenges you may be facing.  Maybe you came to this website for a particular reason at this time.  There just might be something that you read or need that sparks a flame to glow in your heart.  Follow that flame to find your passion, your next step in life, or to overcome some difficult situation.  Sense that personal guidance that is coming to you right now.  You are not alone.  We are One in Spirit and you are very loved—just as you are.

Spiritual Miracles that YOU can perform!

Through your conscious intention, you can increase your own radiant soul power, your self-worth, and your intuitive perception of Truth.  And, you can discover your soul’s purpose – your life’s mission – and live a meaningful life of joyful expression.  Love flows naturally when truth is perceived and expressed. We know when we are being deceived because our heart contracts and gives us a “funny feeling.”  We know truth is being told or perceived when our heart opens.  We feel light and happy.  Truth feels like love.


We are born free. Universal law ensures our free will choice. No matter where we are, we are free to think as we please. We are free to trust our inmost perceptions. We are free to make choices that lead to our health and happiness. When we realize that we are Spirit and know and live the Truth there is nothing or nobody that can take that freedom away. The intelligence that orders the Universe–God–has our back. This intelligence is the Light of our own consciousness when we attune to God and get into alignment with His will. Unite in this Spirit. Save freedom today!

What is SMILE?