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Michelle Marie Angel

Educator – Author – Visionary – Intuitive

This website was originated in 2010.  It is one step in my very long process of creating a body of work that I consider my “calling,” or life’s purpose. I am following my heart, and I hope to help others do the same.

It was over twenty years ago when I was living and working in France as a training specialist at a software development company that I decided to start a spiritual education company (To me, spiritual means to seek, know, and live the truth.  Love and truth are the same).

MichelleReadingI had received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the University of Central Florida, and I taught middle school in Florida for over 9 years.  I contemplated how much I loved aspects of public school teaching: I love kids, I appreciated vacations and extra time to pursue my own self-development and writing, and I loved speaking to groups and inspiring them to be their best and to believe in themselves.

What I appreciated about my corporate position was the opportunities to travel, to make a living wage, and to use my writing and creative skills using computer technology.

But my passion has always to been to understand and master life.  I read a lot.  I have had to overcome challenging life experiences to develop wisdom and understanding.  I learned that I needed to be centered in God and attune to His will in order to navigate successfully through life.

I’ve been fascinated with human potential and the expression of Divinity.  My favorite expression is writing.  I also love to speak.  I love to learn the truth and apply it in my daily life to rise above challenging life circumstances and experience inner peace and happiness.  This is my greatest passion.

While contemplating how I could combine all of these aspects, I realized that to follow my passion I would start a spiritual education company.  I set my intention and began making a list of what I would need to start the company.

Interestingly, at this time I was reading Conversations with God,  Book 3, by Neale Donald Walch.  My circumstances miraculously changed, and one year later I was living in Ashland, Oregon, working for Neale Donald Walch at Greatest Visions!  That was his for-profit company created to sell his books and products.  I worked with a few other people to develop and facilitate “Conscious Commerce” seminars.  Although I became the C.E.O., the duration of my position was short—only 9 months.  I was to break away and work on my own writing, educational programs, and personal development.

I’ve been continuously very passionate about realizing and activating my personal potential through God-attunement, or directing my attention within.  I realized that with high intentions to consciously evolve, life experiences come to stimulate that growth and understanding.  So, like many others, I have navigated through many life changes and challenges.  In the meantime, I have received many insights, or revelations of truth, which I have captured the essence of, and I have attempted to put deeper perceptions of consciousness into words.  I perceive that when these words are read, they will inspire the consciousness, or light of Truth, to be sensed within the reader.

Truth is food for the soul.  I believe we are all hungry for this Truth at this time.  I live, I love, I work, I meditate, and I write.  The more you learn, the more you realize how much more there is to learn.  Truth education is a humbling experience.  It truly dismantles the false ego and inspires happiness.

I feel truly blessed.  I realize that this material world is a temporary experience.  I know that my treasures are in heaven, and I am rich.  I feel like if I could help others reach their highest potential and discover their true qualities, talents, virtues, and gifts that I could give back much of what has been given to me.  My soul wants to be of service to others and I try to stay attuned to that goal.

The books and products that are and will be available through this website are my gift to you, the reader—another perfect Child of God.  Knowing there are no accidents in our orderly universe, I know that open receptive hearts and souls will find this website and these books and feel something stir within them that will stimulate the perception and expression of truth, love, and happiness.  Thank you for being open to receive your gifts. And remember, follow your heart!


Many loving blessings to you!
~Michelle Marie Angel

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