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Love’s Team

If you would like to live your dream
Here’s an invitation to join Love’s Team
It’s your energy that helps tilt the world toward peace
The direction of your attention can make love increase
Look inside right down to your core
Feel the love and love your Self more
Sparkles of your energy intermingle with the whole
Your compassion is powerful as you radiate your soul
Love’s Team is now strengthening and growing
As we each surrender to Life and join with its flowing
The joy that we feel creates a life of ease
We realize we can create whatever we please
What pleases you? Have you thought lately?
Do what you love and increase your joy greatly
Imagine your job in this life that you live
Is just to make your Self happy by all that you give
Since we’re all One love flows all ways
Loving your Self brightens all of our days
And when we love others by being kind
We love our whole Self, we’re no longer blind
Welcome to Love’s Team, your energy is flowing
Your soul is shining brightly, really—you’re glowing!
We’ve bonded so sweetly in our new vibration
It’s a global love that’s uniting every nation

Michelle Angel
It’s A New World After All:
Poetry and Prose to Inspire A New World Vision


“When we have planted the seed of hope, which grows into faith, within every person who walks the planet, then our global healing will have truly begun.  Until then, we have much work to do.”

Michelle Angel
It’s A New World After All:
Poetry and Prose to Inspire A New World Vision