This is a great time to be alive!  This is a great time to BE!  This website is designed to present the books, products, and projects that have been written and created by Michelle Marie Angel for the purpose of awakened awareness.  The Divine Plan is moving forward by leaps and bounds in 2022.  This is the time to step forward and activate your own soul’s mission, or to take it to the next level.  Humanity is ready.

Gift of Light! Truth information here on this site.  This is light that feeds your soul.  Please take advantage of these light messages and feel your heart open and heal.  Also, please share this website with others who may benefit from these messages.  With shared intentions, purified hearts, free minds, and souls in bloom, we are creating Heaven on Earth in loving cooperation.  Love to All!!!  Michelle Marie Angel

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Three Books that will Change Your Life!






It IS A New World After All




Forever Free

Soul Liberation with the Holy Spirit of Truth



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Live Love



It IS A New World After All



Forever Free




Spiritual Miracles Intentional Living Education

Transformation Education

Foundational Philosophy

At SMILE we give people their power back. We begin with self-actualization. We call this the “Maslow Upside Down” philosophy. Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” goes in this order: (1) physiological needs—air, water, food, shelter, (2) safety and security—bodily safety, security of employment and resources, (3) love and belonging—the need to give and receive love, appreciation, friendship, (4) self-esteem—confidence, achievement, self-respect, and respect of others, and (5) self actualization—experience purpose, find meaning in life, realize inner potentials, morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem-solving, lack of prejudice, direct perception of truth.

Self-actualization comes first. Realize your True Self, abilities, and power to propel your life energy towards success on every level of being and experience. Once one is self-actualized, all other needs come to us naturally: self-esteem from high integrity, creative solutions, and self-realized moral principles; love and belonging occur naturally through the giving of love which is our essential nature and giving of self and gifts through our unique expression; safety and security are accessed through the use of the soul’s power of unity consciousness and creativity; and physiological needs are manifested through the power of consciousness and God’s grace when one is self-realized and actualized.

Through transformational education that inspires true self discovery, each and every one can discover their true genius, their inherent self worth, their purpose in life that gives life meaning, the realization of their inner potentials, inspired creativity, and high integrity.

SMILE is dedicated to assisting receptive souls in achieving Self Realization and Activation. Our books, products, and programs make seemingly complex ideas and processes simple and applicable with reliable results. We wish all many blessings on life’s sacred journey.

The Evolution of Consciousness – Awakened Awareness


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Victory to the Light of Truth 2022!

Hail All Good People!

Now is your time to serve.




Live Love

Master Vision and Vibration to Create a Better World

“We learn many things in life, but what we really need to learn about is Life itself.”

Michelle Marie Angel

          EXCERPT: from Chapter One


Life On Earth

 Awareness and Personal Power




The Alchemy of Consciousness

Catalysts of human evolution may seem daunting at times, but in the end our consciousness is transformed permanently to higher states of being.  The benefits far, far surpass the heart and soul refinement processes of overcoming human challenges.

While at first, the challenges may seem overwhelming, information arrives from the genius creativity from our True Self within that saves the day.

At the onset of sudden, seemingly insurmountable, circumstances in our lives and in our world we are shocked.  We have just entered a “Jonathon Livingston Seagull” event.  I take that term from the book title that describes a sudden, radical paradigm shift.  One reality that is being experienced that seems the perpetual norm suddenly shifts.  Some cataclysm acts as a catalyst for change, then, unexpectedly and rapidly, a whole new reality presents itself.  There is no way around it.  It must be gone through.

Alchemy is change.  Consciousness is the Light of Being.  It is the whole eternal self that reckons with the false identities and illusions of lower natures.  This reckoning transmutes all energies that are unlike its pure essential eternal nature.  When the falsities are revealed, they dissolve.

Pure Spirit is the identity of our soul.  It is infinite intelligence.  The true self is Divine, undivided as One, and the vibration of pure love.  Herein lies our power.  Our freedom and sovereignty is at stake.  Our true identity has the power to overcome all challenges being presented at this time.



SMILE Soul Power

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SMILE Soul Power #2-20:

Stay Strong! Receive the Light. Activation & Victory! WAR SCROLLS

All of the videos contain a unique message that feeds light to the soul.

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God’s Promises for the Awakened

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“It IS A New World After All”

Poetry & Prose to Inspire A New World Vision


It IS A New World After All by Michelle Marie Angel, guides us to discover deeper perspectives in our day to day living, and helps to shift our perspective from victim to creator.  The discovery of our true Divinity is essential to our very survival; our ultimate evolution is at hand!

The messages in It IS A New World After All inspire you to activate a deeper aspect of Self, thus empowering your innermost being. These essential messages are simple and practical, yet deep and profound.

You are not alone. These messages reflect universal experiences and revelations that we are having in this unique period of human evolution. Take heart – we are in this together!

United, we can understand consciousness so well, that we can skip to a new reality and create a better world. It starts with a new awareness. As empowered beings, we can and will change the reality of our outer circumstances by mastering our consciousness within.

It IS A New World After All invites us all to begin with a new world vision and infuse it with all the love and compassion we have in our hearts.  Now we are joining in the spirit of loving cooperation to create our new world.

This is an auspicious time in human history.  There are no accidents, but an unsurpassed number of synchronicities that are guiding us to our highest good and happiness, both as individuals and as the collective humanity.  These inspired messages are for you!

This book was written in an “Expanded Concept” format.  There are 44 sections.  Each section contains a word, a quote, a poem, and an essay.  Turn the book to any page to find the perfect message for YOU in this moment.

Read an EXCERPT.



Purchase the book It IS A New World After all online:


This book is has been revised for the 4th edition with a new publisher: Balboa Press.

The messages are more timely now than ever before.



From Michelle

Currently, humanity as a whole and each of us as individuals are going through a major transformation.  Evolution is imminent.  There are many words for this shift, but anyway you want to describe it, the effects are the same.

From the way I see it, we are becoming more deeply self-aware as we are being pushed to our limits, and then some.  It is helpful to be open and receptive.  Resistance and over analyzing only serve to make the process more difficult.  This is a time to tune in, and “Go with the flow.”  Many people call this new field of collective consciousness, or new way of BEing, the New Paradigm.  Get on board with the New Paradigm through consciousness transformation.

It is my honor and pleasure to help assist with this shift in consciousness.  As we realize our gifts and powers, we realize our true divine nature through the essence of our empowered expression.  We are learning to control our vibrational frequencies.  We are transforming from victim consciousness to conscious creators.  It’s all science.  We are becoming Masters of ourselves.

Become empowered now by realizing the truth of your Divinity and express your fullest potential. 

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Tune in to the Universal Vision!


Follow Your Heart

Inspiration Education


Schedule of Programs

Program #1       Rock My World — Youth LEADERSHIP Program

Designed for sensitive creative free-thinking individuals.

Communication skills, Reading energy, Values of Integrity,

Be the teacher/presenter opportunities.


Program #2       Synergized Group Consciousness WORLD CHANGERS 

A group in service to humanity; holding the vision of

individual, community, and world solutions.


Program #3            DreamWriting in the Spirit of Gratitude

     Writing with will power, vision, and intention to create reality.

Learn about and apply the power of consciousness


Stories for Awakened Awareness

48 Book Titles

Join the Shift!  —  Love Uplifts! — Express Your Gifts!

These stories activate the higher consciousness within.  

Humanity is awakening to its highest expression based on

principles and values that are truly good.

Everyone can benefit from these light-filled messages.

Enjoy some of these Stories for AA NOW on the AUDIO BOOKS page.

Sample books available: Belief Barbecue, A God’s Eye View, Take A Stand, and Mastering Divinity


Special Event!

Visioning: Directed Energy Intentions

Date: TBA

Together we are taking our power back!

Let’s support each other and manifest our intentions by

synergizing our consciousness and focusing on images

that convey the essence of  our intentions.

We will use the power of Gratitude.

Applied science, when understood, acts according to the Laws of Nature.  All we need to do is understand the Laws and use them as we develop our dormant powers.  With Love in our Hearts, it IS safe to be Powerful.  Please listen to your heart and soul, and join us if this resonates with you.  This gathering will bring us together.  In Unity there is Strength.  In Truth there is Love.  In Understanding there is a Vision that we can manifest together.

Blessings to All, Michelle Marie.


The Alchemy of Light Project

Our natural vibration is LOVE!

56 Literary Products: 54 Books & 2 Decks of Reminder Cards

Follow Your Heart


6 Programs

  1. What Makes You Happy?

  2. How to Live Consciously from the Inside Out

  3. Dreamwriting in the Spirit of Gratitude

  4. Live Love

  5. Rock My World LEADERSHIP

  6. Synergized Group Consciousness WORLD CHANGERS


12 Event & Video Titles

1       Spirit Connection: Hear Your Soul Call

2      APPLYING the Quantum Physics of Group Consciousness

3      True Self Realization:  Sharing Stories for Awakened Awareness

4      Passion, Power, & Purpose

5      The Rock of Spiritual Perception

6     Choice, Communication & Cooperation: The Trend of Unity

7      Energy Mastery & Personal Authority:  Singularity and Sovereignty

8      The Inner Alchemist

9      Reciprocity: The Law of Love and Life

10    The Integrity Model of Consciousness

11    Vision Lifting & The Creator Perspective

12     Life Mastery: The Attuned Intentional Life



Protect Yourself from Entrainment & Radiation



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Open Your Heart to Love

As you read the messages of truth and love contained in these books and products and on this website, take note of how you are feeling.  Realize how much your soul needs to be fed the Truth.  After all, Truth is soul food.  Absorb the energy and let go of any life challenges you may be facing.  Maybe you came to this website for a particular reason at this time.  There just might be something that you read or need that sparks a flame to glow in your heart.  Follow that flame to find your passion, your next step in life, or to overcome some difficult situation.  Sense that personal guidance that is coming to you right now.  You are not alone.  We are One in Spirit and you are very loved—just as you are.

Spiritual Miracles that YOU can perform!

Through your conscious intention, you can increase your own radiant soul power, your self-worth, and your intuitive perception of Truth.  And, you can discover your soul’s purpose – your life’s mission – and live a meaningful life of joyful expression.  Love flows naturally when truth is perceived and expressed. We know when we are being deceived because our heart contracts and gives us a “funny feeling.”  We know truth is being told or perceived when our heart opens.  We feel light and happy.  Truth feels like love.


We are born free. Universal law ensures our free will choice. No matter where we are, we are free to think as we please. We are free to trust our inmost perceptions. We are free to make choices that lead to our health and happiness. When we realize that we are Spirit and know and live the Truth there is nothing or nobody that can take that freedom away. The intelligence that orders the Universe–God–has our back. This intelligence is the Light of our own consciousness when we attune to God and get into alignment with His will. Unite in this Spirit. Save freedom today!

What is SMILE?