By Michelle Marie Angel

Books to Inspire Successful Living

The books, literary art, and products from S.M.I.L.E. are designed to help raise consciousness. They are both inspirational and educational. Given the proper understanding of how life works, we can evolve our conscious awareness to a higher level and reach desired personal and professional achievements.  By mastering one’s life, all goals that lead to happiness and total fulfillment can be accomplished.  All obstacles can be overcome.  Our True Self can be realized and we will become empowered to serve humanity. True success brings love and happiness to all.

The S.M.I.L.E. body of literary works by Michelle Marie Angel is intended to reach all audiences of spiritual evolution in many different formats.  Although all books are for everyone, each person may gravitate to what his or her own soul needs most in any particular moment or phase of life.

3 New Books in 2022

Live Love

Master Vision and Vibration to Create A Better World


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It IS A New World After All

Poetry and Prose to Inspire A New World Vision


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Forever Free

Soul Liberation with the Holy Spirit of Truth


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S.M.I.L.E. Publication Process and Progress

“Stories for Awakened Awareness”

Feed your Soul with these Light-filled messages.
Dissolve old programs and become empowered by knowing your True Self and Divine Self-Worth.

48 Book Titles

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4 Sets of 12

Clothing of the Soul, Being Real, Everything’s Going to Be All Light, Creative Abundance,  Bee Love, Rise Above With Love, Image, Cry Baby, Cry, Purify, The Value of Love ,  A Case of Mistaken Identity, Soul to Soul , Compassion, Nothing But Angels, The Hammer of Humility, Mastering Divinity, Hail All Good People!, Sir Laughalot, Reflect on Respect, The Wizard of Is, Isness is My Business, A God’s Eye View, Forgiveness, Belief Barbecue, Just Say God,  A Peace of Gratitude, The Truth Fairy, Sincerity, Live to Give, My Heart is Smart, Nurturing Self-Love, Boundaries for Bullies, Overcome, I Love…I AM That I AM, Choice Point , The Great Giver, Surrender, Axes for Taxes, I Rest My Faith, Gentle Evolution, The Evolution Revolution,  Finding Soul’s Passion, Let’s Go Fishing, Help Me Walk the Talk, Truth Perceptors, You Are Special, Take A Stand, Why You Have Nothing, and  About Face.

These books come in 4 groups of 12.  Originally they were self-printed as shown in the image below.  I sold some of them at my workshops.  Next, all of them were put in the format of Power Point presentations.  They are part of the Alchemy of Light Event programs.  The Rock My World program includes these books for spiritual development.  The participants of the Rock My World LEADERSHIP Program help to produce the events as part of the leadership attribute acquisition activities.  After these 48 books were put into the Power Point presentation format, they were each printed from the slide images as spiral bound books.  Currently, most of these books have been made into audio books.  When they are completed and uploaded to the appropriate platform they will be available to the public.  And finally, they will eventually be published in print format.


This S.M.I.L.E. body of literary works is very large in scope. The self-printed books were printed and bound by Michelle personally on her home computer. That was the first phase of creation.  A publisher printed 3 of the self-published books, and those titles are currently sold out and unavailable.  All that is about to change!  These books are being rapidly made available to the public beginning with the first 3 books that are in the various stages of publication through Balboa Press, Inc.

Books&QuoteArtPRODUCTSLife Mastery and Inspiration to Raise Vibrations

  • Live Love
  • It IS A New World After All
  • Forever Free

Inspirational Poetry

Inspirational poetry comes through a high vibration of consciousness.  It contains Divine wisdom, truth, and guidance for the soul.  It is Light.  They transmit Light.  When taken in through the heart intelligence it stimulates the soul.  When read out loud it transmits the higher vibrations of Light to affect the collective consciousness and that of the speaker.  With a receptive heart, inspirational poetry can illumine the heart, soul, body, and mind.  It is encouraging, uplifting, empowering, and transforming.  It aids in the onward and upward evolution of your soul.

  • Live Love contains 7 poems
  • It IS A New World After All contains 44 poems
  • Forever Free contains 72 poems

Clothing&Value1Stories for Awakened Awareness

These two books were in print, but have sold out.  All of the 48 Stories for Awakened Awareness are being made into audio books.  Stay tuned to this website and an announcement will be made when they are available to the public.

  • Clothing of the Soul
  • The Value of Love

Inner Workbooks

  • Bulls-Eye Faith – This book is coming along and will be available in 2022.  It is a companion to the book Live Love.
  • Wake-Up! Personal Discovery Workbook – This book was self-printed and available at workshops delivered by the author.  It will be modified and updated.  There will be an announcement when it is once again available to the public.
  • What Makes You Happy? – This inner work book is partially written.  It will go along with a guidebook of the same name for the Awakened Awareness initiate into True Self discovery.  An announcement will also be made when this book is available to the public.

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