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Everything’s Going to Be All Light


Truth Perceptors


Higher Consciousness Beings

  • Are High Vibrational Souls who are ONE with Divine Mind and Pure Love
  • Feel and exude a powerful, yet gentle, peaceful presence
  • Inspired by inner sense of purpose to create, help, and give
  • Self-sourced from within; they don’t engage in drama—they walk away
  • Resonate with nature’s beauty and harmony, feeling appreciation for simple, natural and everyday things like flowers, trees, animals, breezes, and sunsets
  • Feel connected within to all and they revel in solitude
  • Highly creative and have sovereign expansive minds with deep perception
  • Humility and openness of heart and mind
  • Listening Grace for hearing other perspectives and perceptions—always willing and eager to learn more
  • Inspired from within; receive downloads and intuitive impressions and guidance
  • Maintain the highest vibration with Love, Harmony, and Gratitude
  • Know intrinsic Source of abundance
  • Free souls living in the Divine Flow

Michelle Marie Angel


Michelle Reads “Clothing of the Soul”

“But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”
Psalm 37:11



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Everything’s Going to Be All Light



I See the Sun

Facing east, I see the sun

Sight travels westward where day is done

Under, over, starts anew

Weaving spirals with the moon

Down into darkness

Dreamtime beckons

Archetypes and symbols

Hidden thought reckons

Plunging awareness

To mask its light

The opposite mirror

Shows up in the night

Back into day

In eastward eight

Briefly overlapping

To integrate

Dimensional awareness

Alive in sun’s light

Receives fresh wings

To take new flight

Flying ‘round dreams

Limited perspective

Awareness becomes

Its own detective

Looking at negative

Dark and light switch

Not to overlook

This little glitch

Asleep while awake

Awaken in dreams

Realizing life

Is not what it seems

I see the Sun

I feel the Moon

I sense that I’ll be

Awake again soon

Michelle Marie Angel
Forever Free: Soul Liberation with the Holy Spirit of Truth


Minions Become Masters

     What is a Minion?

A minion is one who does someone else’s bidding.  Usually, unbeknownst to them, they are working toward someone else’s agenda.  In their own mind, they are working at a respectable job and fulfilling the responsibility of supplying the financial, or material, needs of their family.

     How does one become a Minion?

One becomes a minion when a company, organization, or institution becomes infiltrated or corrupted.  This is done in the most subtle manner because the true intents and purposes must remain hidden to accomplish the deception required to get people to do their bidding.

Deception is required because full transparency would reveal that their true intentions, purposes, and agendas are destructive.  They undermine principles of ethics and integrity.  They cause damage to human health, safety, freedom, and well-being.  They transgress basic Universal Laws of free speech and free will.

They steal from God.

They take the minds, hearts, and souls from the light of their own conscience within, and lead them into the paths of darkness.  They break them.

Once broken into parts, they control them through force and fear.  They shame them.  They take them as far away from their inner Light as they can possibly get away with.

Through deception, they make them their own.  They “own” them and make them do their bidding. They distort and suppress their free will to make them do things they would not otherwise do as a natural, whole person tuned into the Light within.

On one level of this deception, there are innocent ones who don’t know about their methods, schemes, and agendas.  They just go to their job, do the best they can, and collect their paychecks.

On another level, some people have fallen for temptations, bribes, and deals that give them extra money, fame, social status, and/or power.  There have been “back door deals” where people can move up the ladder of financial success, organizational success, or political/governmental success.

So, some minions are unaware of being complicit in crimes against humanity, and others are aware—they have fallen in their integrity through the temptations that they were presented with.  Some have been downright tricked and blackmailed.  Some have been outright lied about and discredited.

Some of those who have stood for truth or “knew too much” or tried to “out” it have been murdered, imprisoned, or hushed with money or threats to their lives or the lives of their family.

     How does a minion become a Master?

First, the minion “wakes up” to the truth of what’s happening.  They discover the true intentions and motives of the darkened ones.  Then, they stop doing their bidding.  They stand in their integrity.  They do what’s right.

They pay close attention to their conscience.  The more they pay attention to this inner Light, the stronger they become.

Some quit their jobs.  Some use their position to serve the light by telling the truth.  They don’t dismiss the truth that is being presented to them.  Their minds are open and free—not controlled by others.  They are independent, intelligent, critical thinkers.  They behave in ways that reflect the highest principles, morals, and ethics.

Simply put, they choose the light of Truth and act accordingly.

     These are now Masters.

Michelle Marie Angel

August 1, 2018

Genius Rising

Pressured from financial shift
Changes caused from inner rift
Like the sand that inspires a pearl
Genius is rising to create a new world

Calm, relaxing, willing to surrender
Ancient wisdom we remember
Timelines wobble and open to choice
New destinies appear; we now rejoice

In truth and integrity our way is clear
Empowered to create, we have no fear
Bubbling with love, our Self we know
Knowing our purpose we get on with the show

Deceivers, manipulators, sick with greed
They’ve lost their power and we are freed
Captured attention and to beliefs we were sworn
Awakened to Truth, our hearts are reborn

Effervescent light plays in our imagination
Attuned to wholeness we’re one with creation
Creator, our Source, in deep communion
Our genius keeps rising in heartfelt union

Unified in our field of intelligence
Happily receiving fruits of our diligence
The end is near; the beginning has begun
Through hearts united, Love has won

Michelle Marie Angel
Forever Free: Soul Liberation with the Holy Spirit of Truth


To Set The Captives Free

This is a story about evolution. Humans are developing additional attributes in their consciousness that enhance their ability to discern truth. In order to avoid deception, the human consciousness needs to develop the ability to discern intentions and motives.

The development to discern motives requires one to delve deeply into their innermost Being and contemplate the light. The light that shines within the core of Being is a Treasure Chest of Spiritual Wealth. Everyone has this wealth within them.

Without such discernment of motives, the mental abilities of the human may become co-opted. The mind is stolen so that the being becomes a minion for purposes not his own. One may even go so far as to go against one’s own “better judgment” when coerced or persuaded through a co-opting of their mind.

Is your mind free? Are your thoughts original? To assess this, you need to go beyond just the mind and see how you feel. Your heart knows truth. It has a direct connection to your conscience which is the Whole of Spirit that is the spark of light. It is the essence of eternal existence. It’s another aspect of intelligence. Everybody has it.

How does a mind become captive?

One falls prey to a predator when they are not expecting the nature of the intent of the predator to be harmful, or have ulterior motives and intentions. There’s an innocence that gets betrayed. Let’s say you’re an honest person. Maybe there is an inherent assumption that everyone is honest. Or maybe, you assume honesty until proven out of integrity. Out of integrity people do have ulterior motives and intentions. They keep these agendas hidden. They have secrets. They tell lies. They use words that appeal to the heart and mind, but these words to do match their actions. Their actions tell the truth more than their words.

When someone confronts a situation where there is a lack of integrity, there is a “funny feeling inside” and it just doesn’t feel right. This tends to happen in quiet moments more, when one is contemplative or reflective. It happens in the space between thoughts. In a busy life, when thoughts run rampant, this feeling may be subtle and easy to dismiss. It may be rationalized away. That’s when deception works. That’s when the mind becomes captive.

There are techniques to enslave the mind that are used to create minions, or people who go along with an agenda. One such technique is called the “Delphi Technique”. This mind control technique was developed by the Rand Corporation. It is used to channel a group of people to accept a point of view that is imposed upon them while convincing them that it was their idea. Trained facilitators present a range of choices to a group, but have tailored them to direct the outcome.1 This technique is widely used for inculcation of the masses through co-opted institutions: governments, medical, educational, religious, scientific, and psychological disciplines have all been affected.

I’ll give you three examples of mind control technique applications. These mind control operations have been applied to education, government, and the medical establishment. The first one is personal; it happened to me.

Example #1: Education

When I was a teacher, there were 6 of us sent to a 6 week summer program called the “Summer Institute of Sustainability”. It was the summer of 2009. We were given materials to learn and to later incorporate into the educational system. Basically, we were being inculcated to inculcate the children. This is mass mind control.

We were given lessons on saving energy, a draft of codes for housing that supposedly approved them for energy credits based on saving energy, and we were told that carbon taxes were necessary because of the fault of human’s impact on our environment. It all seemed to make sense at the time. Saving energy? I’m all for that. Controlling and taxing people? Not so much. It wasn’t until much later that I learned the overall agenda—the motives and intentions behind the program(ming).

Example #2: Government

In July 2018, there was a retreat held to train local government officials at Lake Arrowhead, California called: “2018 City County Conference”. The presentation that is available online to the public reveals that they teach government officials such as the mayor and city council members how to deal with the “enemy public”. They present scenarios of citizens coming to meetings and acting outrageously ridiculous to paint them as being not credible. Once destroying their credibility with fake scenarios that make them look like idiots, they teach them to have them restrained by police or the sergeant of arms at the city council meetings. Basically, they are attempting to remove free speech. The environment is set up to be “us” against “them” presenting scenario after scenario of conflict. This creates a mental notion of divisiveness. It sticks in the mind.

In one scenario, they have a person who wants to save a tree screaming and yelling at the city council so that nobody else can talk. She is removed by the sergeant at arms. Then they present a situation by showing a television news channel reporting that after a teacher criticized her boss’s raise, she was “handcuffed and removed”. You can see how this affects the mind of the “trainees”. You can see how free speech is not allowed.

Example #3: Medical Training

A friend of mine’s daughter is in nurse’s training. This is current (August 2018). My friend tells me a funny story of how her daughter and friends make a funny video for the project they are working on in their ethics class. It’s the setup that we need to pay attention to. The scenario presented to them is that a woman with a child who is dying of appendicitis is refusing medical treatment and wants to handle it on her own. Does this make sense? Or does it look like they are destroying the mother’s credibility with a ridiculous scenario? If she is there bringing her child to get help, then why would she turn it down? What is this setup really for? Well, the first thing that came to my mind was the refusal of vaccinations. Now that the research about vaccinations being linked to autism has been revealed to the public, they need to discredit parents so that the medical establishment can override their free will choice. There are mandatory vaccinations right now in California, and there is a report of a doctor being punished who gave an exemption to a child for medical reasons. This is mind control.

Free Your Mind

Everyone has innate intelligence. We just need to tune into it and use it. We need to pay attention to our feelings. Our gut feelings are real. This intelligence can be developed. We do not need to be awakened to this intelligence by cataclysms brought on by letting ourselves be deceived into thinking nobody would act out of integrity.

Rude Awakening vs. Inner Attention

It appears that we have two primary choices: face the truth that out of integrity behavior exists and use and develop innate intelligence, or ignore the truth (buying into narratives and other mind control social engineering programs) and get a rude awakening when you find out through direct experiences (cataclysms and catastrophes that affect you, personally) that you have been deceived. Or you may be in an innocent situation, speak freely, and to your surprise you are hauled off in handcuffs.

Just by setting some time to be alone and contemplating your innermost feelings, your heart intelligence will reveal truth and give you guidance based on real intelligence. Being in nature helps the process of attuning to our natural innate intelligence. Find a way to tune in.

Pray to do God’s Will.  Pray to know the Truth.  Attune to the vibrational frequency of Love.  Watch miracles unfold in your life.

Setting intentions that are good for all helps align one’s consciousness with this field of intelligence. Love is a strata of frequency that can be attuned to. It really is natural and if one is not selfish or egotistical, or set on one’s own point of view, an openness can occur that sets the mind free and increases the ability to discern when you are being deceived.

Once discernment begins to develop, you will notice patterns of behavior that are exhibited by those who deceive. You will notice who the minions are who are not tuned in to their inner truth. You may feel a sense of separation. You may gravitate toward others who are tuned into truth. Truth is not popular with the deceivers, nor the deceived!

Set Your Mind Free!

The bottom line is: get to know you! Everyone has this amazing intelligence within. It is based in feeling because it comes from the heart. Our hearts and souls are able to perceive subtle realms. When we tune in, our minds become free. We can discern motives and intentions. We can make choices that empower us to maintain our inherent freedom. We can sift through information, without dismissing credible sources (those without an agenda, but are FOR the truth), and find out for ourselves the information we need to make wise decisions and to stand for our rights and remain free.

We are free if we choose to be.


Michelle Marie Angel

August 2018



  1. Behind the Green Mask: Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire. The Post Sustainability Press (2011).
  2. YouTube Video from channel: grindall61. “Going Over Reallly Creepy Slides That Were Shown at Secret Government Retreat” P.O. Box 523 West Covina, CA 91793

*** I highly recommend watching the SGT Report on YouTube with Dr. B entitled TRUTH.  Listen to her testimony.  We are all awakening to Truth and unifying in our efforts as God’s Army.  We are each overcoming and reaching out to help others.  Know that we are all in this together.  We are united in Christ.