About S.M.I.L.E.


SpiritTruthThe Spirit of Truth lives within each one of us.  Since we are each unique, we all have our own personal potential.  By tuning in to your heart, you discover your personal power, your unique gifts, your inherent self-worth, and the Truth that will set you free.  No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, Absolute Truth is the same for all of us.  It does not depend on belief at all.  We are made in the image of God; God is Spirit.  God lives within each one of us and we are Spiritual beings.  By turning our attention within, we experience our own soul and can merge with Spirit as we expand our awareness with love.  Being spiritual means to turn our attention and the flow of our life energy inward, back to our Source.  There we receive our blessings of perception: insights, revelations, and guidance.  With the abandonment of selfishness, we transcend the limitations of our physical nature and become imbued with goodwill toward all. Passion of purpose is born.  Joy becomes the norm.


MichelleSpreadingLoveA miracle is “an event that appears unexplainable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or anact of God.” (1) If you have faith in the God spark within you, you can access the creative genius of God’s intelligence through communion: “Be still and know that I am God.” (2) Just tune in to your heart and love God and see what miracles can be performed through you.  Through surrender and trust we become receptive to illumination and miraculous workings. God works miracles through each and every one of us. (3)


Intentional means “done deliberately.” (1) It comes from the root word intend, which means: “meaning, purpose.” (1) Setting intentions is very powerful, especially when it comes from your soul. Becoming attuned to Spirit helps us to perceive what we came here to do.  We find our life’s purpose and set intentions that are in alignment with that purpose.  Our mission is to act toward the common good of all mankind.  It transcends small self, or “who we think we are,” and encompasses our larger Self where we realize our oneness of Spirit and discover our unique gifts that we came to share.


Life is the movement and the feeling of Spirit.  When the essence of our individualized Spirit leaves the body, it still lives.  However, it is no longer with the body, and the body can no longer move. When we attune to the intelligence, or Truth, of our Spirit, we are really living!  We find meaning in life.  We experience joy and happiness.  We are inspired to create and to give.  Our Spirit is ever uplifted and we are enthusiastic and passionate. Love radiates through our being without any obstruction.  It feels great to be alive!


Education is a process by which knowledge and training are provided for a particular purpose.  The purpose of educational and inspirational books and products at S.M.I.L.E. is to help each one to be in alignment with our True Self—the powerful Truth and Love of our innermost being. We can become aware of how to co-create a life and world that is peaceful, harmonious, joyful, beautiful, and loving. Through awareness education, we can realize how to consciously develop and use our personal power to gain the freedom that we desire.

Transformation Education

The best way to guide our youth is through inspiration. What does it take to inspire a child to find their strengths and develop their talents and abilities? What does it take to help our youth recognize virtuous character traits and build upon them? How can we turn the tables and show our kids that integrity—knowing their true self, and being true to their selves—will help them be the most successful in life?

If we encourage our children to find meaning for their lives, wouldn’t they be much happier? If we set an example of transcending selfishness and give of ourselves to others, what might our children do? And think about this…what have they to teach us?

Make no bones about it. Spiritual education is holistic in nature. There is no denying the power of the soul in each one of us. Although the knowledge and realization of our personal power has been suppressed (by those who wish to control the masses), the truth that has been recently discovered by most has set us free. We simply need to claim our freedom. But first, we must free our children.

We are all children of God. There are universal laws of life, love, and energy that are absolute. They are not as fickle as man’s laws. They are not reliant upon our belief or support. We can either work with them, or they will work against us. Truth is number one.

The primary truth we have to understand is that we are eternal beings of light. We are powerful in nature. We are releasing victim consciousness now, healing emotional wounds and other DNA suppressions, and shining God’s light—each in our own unique way.

Transformation education is about raising conscious awareness of our true Divine Selves. It’s about finding our passion and our purpose. It’s about overcoming obstacles, challenges, and seemingly impossible circumstances. And, it’s about helping others along the way.

My intuitive perception tells me that our youth have come here with much wisdom to help change our world. They came to establish a world of peace and love. They are our teachers. Let’s let them have their day.

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2 Psalm 46:10
3 1 Corinthians 12:6