See Beyond

See beyond the present
See beyond the pain
See behind the mirror image
See what’s really gained

See beyond physicality
See what is the same
See beyond all differences
See beneath the game

See beyond what passes by
See what stays right here
See beyond the form love takes
Listen with heart’s ear

Feel behind the words you hear
Feel the truth beneath
Feel the love you have to give
The you you must bequeath

Feel pure essence qualities
Perceive from inner core
See beyond duality
And you will see much more

Michelle Marie Angel
Forever Free: Impressions from the Spirit of Truth


Michelle Reads “Clothing of the Soul”

“But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”
Psalm 37:11

Genius Rising

Pressured from financial shift
Changes caused from inner rift
Like the sand that inspires a pearl
Genius is rising to create a new world

Calm, relaxing, willing to surrender
Ancient wisdom we remember
Timelines wobble and open to choice
New destinies appear; we now rejoice

In truth and integrity our way is clear
Empowered to create, we have no fear
Bubbling with love, our Self we know
Knowing our purpose we get on with the show

Deceivers, manipulators, sick with greed
They’ve lost their power and we are freed
Captured attention and to beliefs we were sworn
Awakened to Truth, our hearts are reborn

Effervescent light plays in our imagination
Attuned to wholeness we’re one with creation
Creator, our Source, in deep communion
Our genius keeps rising in heartfelt union

Unified in our field of intelligence
Happily receiving fruits of our diligence
The end is near; the beginning has begun
Through hearts united, Love has won

Michelle Marie Angel
Forever Free: Impressions from the Spirit of Truth