A More Perfect Union

 Founding fathers
Wise men past
Let us in your presence grasp
Your intentions
And your plan
To live in harmony on this land
Universal Law
You knew well
From God’s heart the Truth you tell
Illumine our minds
With thy sage light
Help relieve us from this plight


Sick with greed
And selfish taking
We lost some souls through money-making
Increasingly poor
Failing health
We witness schemes for power and wealth
Commercial programming
Brainwashed compliance
Corrupted self-worth and self-reliance
Lost to war
Personal conviction
Drowning in debt and drug addiction
Like a flower
Facing the sun
Our thirsty souls turn toward the One
Inward attention
With humble reception
We open awareness with advanced perception
We see Truth
None can hide
Behind false image of vainful pride
Great Holy Spirit
Inform the meek
Secure solutions that we seek
We, the people
Lost our voice
United again, we now rejoice
In stillness
We still hear Your song
Explicit wisdom to right each wrong
Forgiveness always
We will render
But only to God do we surrender
We claim our bounty
We care for our health
We reunite with spiritual wealth


Oh, great ancestors
We cherish thee
We bow to Our Father on bended knee
A more perfect union
For we now strive
Thy bell of Liberty is still alive!

Michelle Marie Angel
Forever Free: Impressions from the Spirit of Truth


Michelle Reads “Clothing of the Soul”

“But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”
Psalm 37:11

Minions Become Masters

     What is a Minion?

A minion is one who does someone else’s bidding.  Usually, unbeknownst to them, they are working toward someone else’s agenda.  In their own mind, they are working at a respectable job and fulfilling the responsibility of supplying the financial, or material, needs of their family.

     How does one become a Minion?

One becomes a minion when a company, organization, or institution becomes infiltrated or corrupted.  This is done in the most subtle manner because the true intents and purposes must remain hidden to accomplish the deception required to get people to do their bidding.

Deception is required because full transparency would reveal that their true intentions, purposes, and agendas are destructive.  They undermine principles of ethics and integrity.  They cause damage to human health, safety, freedom, and well-being.  They transgress basic Universal Laws of free speech and free will.

They steal from God.

They take the minds, hearts, and souls from the light of their own conscience within, and lead them into the paths of darkness.  They break them.

Once broken into parts, they control them through force and fear.  They shame them.  They take them as far away from their inner Light as they can possibly get away with.

Through deception, they make them their own.  They “own” them and make them do their bidding. They distort and suppress their free will to make them do things they would not otherwise do as a natural, whole person tuned into the Light within.

On one level of this deception, there are innocent ones who don’t know about their methods, schemes, and agendas.  They just go to their job, do the best they can, and collect their paychecks.

On another level, some people have fallen for temptations, bribes, and deals that give them extra money, fame, social status, and/or power.  There have been “back door deals” where people can move up the ladder of financial success, organizational success, or political/governmental success.

So, some minions are unaware of being complicit in crimes against humanity, and others are aware—they have fallen in their integrity through the temptations that they were presented with.  Some have been downright tricked and blackmailed.  Some have been outright lied about and discredited.

Some of those who have stood for truth or “knew too much” or tried to “out” it have been murdered, imprisoned, or hushed with money or threats to their lives or the lives of their family.

     How does a minion become a Master?

First, the minion “wakes up” to the truth of what’s happening.  They discover the true intentions and motives of the darkened ones.  Then, they stop doing their bidding.  They stand in their integrity.  They do what’s right.

They pay close attention to their conscience.  The more they pay attention to this inner Light, the stronger they become.

Some quit their jobs.  Some use their position to serve the light by telling the truth.  They don’t dismiss the truth that is being presented to them.  Their minds are open and free—not controlled by others.  They are independent, intelligent, critical thinkers.  They behave in ways that reflect the highest principles, morals, and ethics.

Simply put, they choose the light of Truth and act accordingly.

     These are now Masters.

Michelle Marie Angel

August 1, 2018

Genius Rising

Pressured from financial shift
Changes caused from inner rift
Like the sand that inspires a pearl
Genius is rising to create a new world

Calm, relaxing, willing to surrender
Ancient wisdom we remember
Timelines wobble and open to choice
New destinies appear; we now rejoice

In truth and integrity our way is clear
Empowered to create, we have no fear
Bubbling with love, our Self we know
Knowing our purpose we get on with the show

Deceivers, manipulators, sick with greed
They’ve lost their power and we are freed
Captured attention and to beliefs we were sworn
Awakened to Truth, our hearts are reborn

Effervescent light plays in our imagination
Attuned to wholeness we’re one with creation
Creator, our Source, in deep communion
Our genius keeps rising in heartfelt union

Unified in our field of intelligence
Happily receiving fruits of our diligence
The end is near; the beginning has begun
Through hearts united, Love has won

Michelle Marie Angel
Forever Free: Impressions from the Spirit of Truth